Unique ‘all in one’ finance offering will get new Datsun GO drivers going

Fixed cost motoring for owners became a reality for prospective owners of the Datsun GO today, with the launch of the Datsun’s All-in-1-GO plan - a unique financial offering that is the first package of its kind to be introduced to the highly competitive ‘A segment’ of South Africa’s motoring market.

‘High-flying’ Datsun GO opens a new world for South African fan

It’s not often that buying your first car can simultaneously change your social life, help you soar to new international horizons and even benefit a member of the family who has been a central part of your life.

Independent research names Datsun GO most affordable car in SA

The Datsun GO, the first new Datsun offering to be introduced on the South African market since the brand’s return in 2014, has received its second major accolade for the year - this time from the authoritative, independent Kinsey Report, which monitors the cost of everyday motoring in South Africa.