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#Datsunlove winner set for Tokyo experience

Nostalgia and love are what most of us feel when thinking about our first cars. Our minds flash back to that purchase, the experience of settling behind the wheel and that magical moment when the engine sprang to life. As the key turned, so our personal horizons expanded. The new car meant freedom, mobility and the chance to explore.

Results of independent 2016 Kinsey Report revealed

The Datsun GO has taken the 2016 Kinsey Report accolade as the country’s most affordable car - making it the second time in a row that Datsun has led the rankings as the car that is the most economical to maintain in South Africa.

Limited edition Datsun GO REMIX will get trend-setters going

A new chapter in the Datsun legend story is being written as Datsun launches a limited edition, high-spec version of the Datsun GO Lux. This follows the successful reintroduction of the Datsun brand to South Africa in 2014, with the launch of the GO, which has since become a leading seller in the competitive A-segment of the market.


Over 9800 kilometres - across 3 countries - in 16 days. Yes – the amazing thing about the #DatsunLetsGO road trip was that it was spontaneous, spectacular, and loved by a South African and two tourists – all in a Datsun Go.