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easter break - road safety tips

Most of us know that our cars should be serviced regularly and have tyres, wipers and lights that are functional. There are, however, several other things to consider adding to your holiday driving list, for this upcoming holiday period

How to beat the budget blues - keep your car ready to roar

The Minister of Finance has had his say and the national budget is behind us for another year. One of his announcements was that the fuel levy is to increase - another expense to be carried by motorists. But, when it comes to beating the budget blues, there are things that can be done to ease the financial burden.


Owners and fleet operators are taking a new look at their vehicles and their capabilities. Coming under the microscope are congested city streets, the difficulties of using some vehicles in urban areas, vehicle task suitability, load security, versatility and driver ergonomics.

Getting behind the wheel in 2017 could be easier than you think

“Whether you are a first-time buyer, someone who is looking to upgrade the family ride, or looking for a vehicle to pick up and drop off goods for your small business, affordability is the key to happy motoring. Listening to your head rather than your heart is the way to buy a car,” says Fenner.