What started as a journey amongst strangers from different continents, quickly turned into a friendship that involved a Datsun Go, the open road, photography, and of course, food.


This is not the first time Vesa has travelled cross country in a Datsun GO, he’s previously been to India, Russia and Indonesia and has driven close to 30000 kms collectively, all in the Datsun.

Datsun Dealer Bulletin -Finnish travellers get GOing

During his lifetime, Vesa Eskola has clocked up well over a million kilometres across the globe. In his early days his travels across continents meant hitch-hiking from one exotic destination to another. These days, he has become an ambassador for Datsun - his vehicle of choice for making epic trips across Indonesia, Russia and India.

Unique ‘all in one’ finance offering will get new Datsun GO drivers going

Fixed cost motoring for owners became a reality for prospective owners of the Datsun GO today, with the launch of the Datsun’s All-in-1-GO plan - a unique financial offering that is the first package of its kind to be introduced to the highly competitive ‘A segment’ of South Africa’s motoring market.