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You are a remarkable bunch and now there’s 200,000 of you. Every owner is unique. And for every owner there is a different reason why they love their Datsun. For some it’s the thrill of the open road. To others, their Datsun is like their best buddy.

To celebrate our owners and all the reasons they love their Datsuns, we are running a competition. One lucky fan will fly to Japan for a Heritage Tour of the Zama Factory. Enter by making and submitting your own tribute poster by using our exclusive designs, to show your #DatsunLove.

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A trip to the Nissan Heritage Collection in Japan is a once in a lifetime experience for any Datsun fan. The Heritage Museum is home to over 400 models from the 1930’s to the present day. Each one is preserved in immaculate showroom condition. The fascinating tour includes the first mass produced car in Japan, 1935 Datsun 14 Roadster, 1967 Datsun 510 SSS Rally and also a lot of Nissan models, up to the cars of the present day.