The BASIC EXCESS for your Datsun Go claim is R5500 

This is for damage to your own vehicle (accident, theft or hi-jack) and 3rd party claims.  Your excess is 20% of the claim with a minimum of R500 for the following: 


•Specified non-standard accessories 

•Sound system.  

Your excess is R350 for key and lock claims.You will also be responsible for additional excesses of 10% of the claim with a minimum of R5500 for incidents:  

1. Where no 3rd party vehicle is involved or if you claim within the first 6 months from the start of this policy. (*should either occur on their own or simultaneously the additional excess is only applied once)

2. Where the Oakhurst Smart box is not fitted or fully functional (theft or hi-jack claims will not be covered).      

3. As a result of an accident, hi-jacking or attempted hi-jacking which occurs between 10pm and 4am, or failure to report an incident to the South African Police Service within 24hours of the incident occurring, when possible within reason. (*should either occur on their own or simultaneously the additional excess is only applied once) These excesses are cumulative (i.e. added together) We will never apply the above additional excess when:

4. Your vehicle is rear-ended by another vehicle (i.e. another vehicle drives into the back of your vehicle).

5. Your vehicle is legally parked and then hit by another vehicle.

6. Your vehicle is recovered after being stolen and there is damage to your vehicle which falls within our policy conditions for a valid claim.

Please remember that whenever another vehicle is involved in an accident,  you need to give us details of the third/other party and vehicle for these excess waivers to apply.  Your excess is not subject to VAT.  

Your basic excess is REDUCED after every claim free year you are insured with Oakhurst. (*drops by R1000 per claim free year)